Opened in 2012 the dam was built to collect the periodic rain fall from the high peaks above and control the volume of water flowing through the narrow torrent, ‘Dayqah’, to the villages below. This still maintains the ancient “Falaj” irrigation system whilst controlling the surges of water rolling off the hillside.

The dam is quite a spectacle for Oman and is by far the highest in the country. The water lake is 8 Km2 (5 miles) long and can hold 100 million m3 of rain water.

Set in the rugged limestone valley, this huge construction is a real contrast of natural Omani beauty and impressive human engineering.

The main dam reaches a maximum height of 75 m and was built with roller-compacted concrete; its total approximate volume is 570,000 cubic m. The ancillary dam is an earth-fill structure that measures 48 m in height and 960,000 m3 in volume.

The project is divided into several stages: 1- design stage, 2- tendering stage and 3- site supervision stage. Concerning these stages, BECT provided the following consultancy / design services: Geotechnical & Survey, Landscape, Architectural, Structural, MEP, Specifications and BOQ.

Project Facts