The World Food Program (WFP) Cairo Regional Bureau provides strategic guidance, policy/technical support and direction to WFP operations and activities in 18 countries: Algeria, Armenia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyz Republic, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, State of Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Yemen.

The WFP is an important division that plays a crucial role worldwide.  Its mission expanded a lot in the Middle East Region where Egypt belongs to and accordingly, a regional office was needed to serve the community. Currently, their office in Egypt groups the Regional Bureau in Cairo (RBC) as well as the Egypt Country Office (EGYCO). However, with the increase in capacity, a reshaping of the current office was required as it will be occupied by the RBC staff only.  The building is composed of a basement, three floors and a roof. Its systems are nearly 15 years old. It has a capacity of approximately 100 persons.

An assessment to the Electro-mechanical systems was required based on which BECT recommended a restructure and redesign for the existing Electro-mechanical systems scheme to best satisfy and accomplish the essential arising needs.

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