Half Moon Bay has been a place of recreation for many people for the last 80 years. Known for its great grouper fishing and sailing, many generations have enjoyed it. Previously known as locally as Doha Dhalum with an average depth of around 22 feet (with a few spots dropping to 50 feet) Half Moon Bay has been an excellent classroom for thousands of divers learning the sport of scuba diving. It is a very forgiving bay, with shallow entrances and very few large sharks.

The development of half moon bay to feature the new vision for the region to accommodate touristic activities was developed by BECT in response to ABIAT and Eastern Region Municipality-KSA.

The project consisted of preliminary, conceptual & detailed design stages. Concerning these stages, BECT provided the following consultancy / design services: Geotechnical & Survey, Urban Planning, Landscape, Architectural, Civil, MEP, Specifications and BOQ.

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