Infrastructure development project for Jazan region is concerned with developing the underground water utilization and augment aquifer storage in semiarid basement environment with very limited natural groundwater and high drought propensity. The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia (KSA) started the project to support inhabitants in the region which are about 1.4 million.

Groundwater is the only resource of drinking water in the area; thus, its suitability for drinking and domestic uses is of public and scientific concern. The design and construction of underground dams was necessary to control the motion of underground water. This is considered a possible low-cost technology that could aid the development in the area and reduce water scarcity.

BECT was awarded the contract for developing a full design in addition to site supervision for 10 underground dams in the Jazan region.

The project is divided into several stages: 1- design stage, 2- tendering stage and 3- site supervision stage. Concerning these stages, BECT provided the following consultancy / design services: Geotechnical & Survey, Landscape, Civil, MEP, Specifications and BOQ.

Project Facts