Quality Management Policy

BECT Mission is to offer state of the art, independent technical services, and expertise to maximize the value for our clients’ investments. BECT vision is to be the leading independent technical consulting group in the Middle East and Africa.

The Policy of BECT is represented in exerting all possible efforts in the field of Quality Assurance, as we believe that ideal performance in these field has positive effects and reflections on Personnel and Production; which cannot be achieved except as a result of amalgamating and integrating these field in the Modern Management System, whereas the Top Management is convinced with the importance of such achievements to up?grade the Company’s Performance Level in these field.

Therefore, the Company will commit itself to the following: - Full application of all Ruling Laws and Legislation that pertaining to the Company, as well as other requirements, and following the necessary programs, procedures and actions for applying that. - Providing a correct work atmosphere for both Company’s Manpower and all those dealing with it, as well as those surrounding us; and training the Company’s manpower??including workers present in the Company’s Work Sites?? on applying Modern Methods and Systems in the field of Quality, according to Local Laws and International Codes.

- Matching the Company’s Quality Management System with the requirements of the International Standard Specification, ISO 9001: 2015 in order to improve it continuously and fulfill the clients’ requirements up to their satisfaction, just in the specified time and according to the technically approved basis in the Engineering Sector; as well as paying attention to continuous training of the Company’s manpower so as to achieve the highest rates of efficiency in executing operations. - Achieving Targets, Systems and Norms & Standards which ensure the Best Performance Levels in the field of Quality Assurance.

- Our Company defined all opportunities, interested parties and risks that has an effect on our objectives. - Necessary and active communications to enlighten and understand our employees ?? as well as our Suppliers, Contractors, Visitors, and public ?? with the Quality Policy.